African Union Commemorates World Space Week to Create Awareness for Space Technology for Societal Development



African Union Commemorates World Space Week to Create Awareness for Space Technology for Societal Development 

 Addis Ababa, 18 October 2014: As part of activities marking the commemoration of the World Space Week to Create Awareness for Space Technology for Societal Development, a ceremony was organised on Saturday at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAIT), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia under the theme “Space Guiding Your Way.”

Organized by the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with Entonto Observatory and Research Center (EORC), International Astronomic Union East African Regional office of Astronomy for Development (IAU/EA-ROAD), Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESS), Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology, Ethiopian Ministry of Education and the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, the week aims at, among other things; to educate people around the world about the benefits that they receive from space.

Speaking on behalf of the Acting Director for the Department of Human Resources Science and Technology of the AUC, Dr. Beatrice Njenga, Head of Education Division of the AUC, underlined that “space is far more important to Africa than it may seem at first glance.” She noted that strategic and practical use of space in communications, atmospheric activities, geographic mapping of natural resources and remote sensing of unusual demographic activities and changes are critical to basic survival and prosperity of human being.

Dr. Njenga also underlined the commission’s efforts to ensure that all Member States benefit from space, even though some members are far more advanced than others in the space endeavor. She also stated that the commission is seeking to bring harmony and enhanced synergies among various initiatives in space applications and research, so as to optimize collective gains.

In his opening remark, the representative of the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Solomon Getachew, science advisor at the Ministry, reiterated his government’s commitments “to see that concrete actions is being taken to promote the space science and technology.”

 The Director of International Astronomic Union East African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (IAU/EA-ROAD), Dr. Kelali Adhana, said the celebration of the world space week aims to enhance and harness the downstream service benefits of space science and technology. “We need to promote our understanding and maximize cooperation among citizens,” he emphasized.

The celebration was attended by from International listened to presentations on different space Organizations, space experts, students and invited guests. Participants related topics from the experts of space science.

Worth noting that, the space week is celebrated between 4th -10th October whereby the first and the last dates stands and symbolizes historical events of space science; first human-made satellite (sputnik 1) which was launched in the space on 4th October 1957 as well as the treaty on Exploration and Peaceful use of outer space which was signed on 10th October 1967.



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