Cyber Experts Call For Urgent Steps To Secure Nigeria’s Cyber-Space

As Nigeria continues to deploy information technology platforms to run its Affairs, experts want the country to take urgent steps in building infrastructure and capacity to secure its cyber space in the face of increasing cyber threats.


The experts under the auspices of the information systems audit and control association (ISACA) are looking at how Nigeria can align with the rest of the world on cyber security.

Nigeria like other countries is fast embracing information technology for daily transactions in different areas.

This accounts for the fact that almost every field is linked to information technology or the cyber space.

As desirable as the internet is, the cyber space faces increasing threats from cyber criminals who exploit its use for criminal activities such espionage, financial theft, identity theft, pornography, terrorism, hacking, copyright infringement among others.

This is why the information systems audit and control association (ISACA) is discussing Nigeria’s counter measures against cyber threats at its 7th international conference holding in Abuja.

Experts at this conference say there is an urgent need to re-examine the recently passed cybercrime bill by giving specific tasks to professional agencies for regulating the cyber space.

Opeyemi Onifade, President ISACA

Opeyemi Onifade, President ISACA

They also suggested that Nigeria needs to put in place deliberate policies to train and retrain cyber security experts who are very few in Nigeria.

Nigeria they say must also pay attention to critical information technology assets such identity data-banks, financial services and other security information.

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