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In an age of surplus content sharing and digital age of online and social technologies, our capacity to share and connect has now gone beyond physical boundaries and borders. Although many social networks have tried to bridge this gap, I still believe its such a wide gap that requires forward thinking platforms to intervene.

We all have busy schedules, 90% of our time online is usually spent staring at people or things that might not necessarily be in our peculiar area of interests – no doubt a perfect explanation for all of our general boredom with popular social networks. Hence, the problem often arises when we’ve got to navigate around the online social space finding people or friends sharing similar interests.

One question floods my mind “What if we could find a cool platform where our capacity to learn, grow and connect with people who share our interests is natural instead of from chatbots, googlebots, etc?” I imagine that would be so cool right?

A new revolutionary online platform actually filled that gap. On you’d get to meet people who fancy what you fancy. is a social media interests/E-commerce platform which provides an online community where Nigerians can connect with friends; hold discussions on areas of interests and even make purchases from favourite brands.

This new spin to social networking seems to be quite interesting and engaging as it encourages discussion among people and friends around similar interests. However, I reckon that the competition with some digital tycoons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Jumia (considering the idea that they also aim at breaking e-commerce grounds as well) might be fierce.

Having said that, get ready to enjoy the battle of digital media and bit coins in our social space. So, the next time you CONNECT, do it on and there is plenty of news there too – for those of us with geniune desire to be informed and up-to-date.

Editor Note: NTA News is on the WeConnect Platform, and the tone of this post is deliberately promotional. NTA News is on the Political News Network

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