Thirty Nigerians Picked To Pitch Innovative Tech Ideas At Aso Villa Demo Day, AVDD

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Laolu Akande; Abuja
*Outcome of the selection events in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt*

In fulfillment of its commitment to boost technology and encourage innovative ideas the Presidency through the platform of “Aso Villa Demo Day” has selected top 30 Nigerians among hundreds that pitched at three different events in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt in June.

(The events were held in Lagos – June 23rd, Abuja – June 25th and Port-Harcourt – June 29th.)

The 30 selected Nigerians will be hosted top level at the Presidency, Aso Rock on a date to be announced soon to pitch their winning ideas.

During the pitch events, participating Nigerians demonstrated a spirit of resilience coming up with ideas and solutions for Technology, Agriculture, Communications, Power, Fashion and Entertainment which revealed talents, skills and critical thinking.

In the selection process, each applicant was assessed by a minimum of four judges and some of the criteria used in assessing were:
Can this idea make money?
Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic? 
What is the value proposition to customers?
Is there a functional product?
Does it deliver a compelling and captivating user experience?  
How resource intensive is the idea?

Is this idea scalable?

The first thirty were picked from the average total of the scores.  

Some of the winners and their ideas include “One Medical” created by Oladimeji Sofowora, Wole Ralph and Laolu Ojeniyi. It is a connected health records platform with a patient and doctor database and Emmanuel Okena’s Tracology, a patent smart payment app for waste management. It is an application that will track and fine defaulters as bar codes will be scanned to confirm who has paid dues, levies and rates.

Also selected were:

Loui Auta of Ceders Seeds Foundation whose idea is to build solar panels in strategic locations by disabled people.

Abubakar Gabar and Ahmed Gobir’s data capturing technology which uses radio frequency to connect.

Ife Oladapo’s Grit Systems that produce generators that would reduce power consumption.

Tolu Adeyanju’s Red Bank idea which will help blood banks manage their records and connect them with donors and hospitals.

Desmond Okoye’s Doctor’s NG, a platform that has been designed in such a way that users will have free access to doctors and also book an appointment from the comfort of their homes.

Peter Agada’s C4ISR infrastructure that has been designed as a surveillance and communication device for our nation’s military.

Angela Adelaja’s Fresh Direct, a platform for Nigerian farmers where they take their products to the larger public and also be trained to use technology to sell their farm produce.

The thirty (30) finalists will receive phone calls and emails shortly from the AVDD team on further instructions, some of which will state the Tech hubs each finalist has been assigned to for incubation ahead of their presidential level reception in Aso Rock at a date to be announced soon.

Technology industry experts believe this is a revolution of significant proportions never witnessed in Nigeria.

The Buhari presidency believes that by investing in technology and innovative ideas Nigeria is investing in its future.


1.      Chika Uwaze – Talent Base

2.      Obidipe Oluwaseun – Mocapro

3.      Tele Ogundipe – Egusi Soupe

4.      Amaka Osita – Fuel

5.      Tolu Adeyanju – Red Bank

6.      Ifedayo Oladapo – Grit Systems

7.      Nkem Okocha – Mama Moni Limited

8.      Ebuka Nwora – Etyres

9.      Dami Olokesusi – Shuttlers NG

10.   Amarachi Nwanamodo – Amagzy Global Ventures

11.   Oladimeji Sofowora, Wole Ralph, Laolu Ojeniyi – One Medical

12.   Mogbeyiteran Tosan – Blackswan

13.   Angela Adelaja – Fresh Direct

14.   Ahmed Sodiq – Micro Scale embedded

15.   Dimgba Kalu – Projaro

16.   Abubakar Garba & Abdul Samad Gorbin

17.   Emmanuel Okena – Tracology

18.   Lois Auta – Cedar’s seed

19.   Kamaludeen Sabiu – Seamless system’

20.   Peter Agada – Tiller Cyrus

21.   Desmond Okoye – Doctor’s office

22.   Uzuq Tim –

23.   Alifa Nicholas –

24.   Roland Reagan & Edmond Adoku – Meditech

25.   Akinola Solomon – Africa on the rise tech community

26.   Alison Ukonu – Recycle points

27.   Uche Ariolu – Foodstantly

28.   Benson Godwin – Tuteria

29.   Mina Ogbanga – Ascent GP

30.   Odior Yole – GO CV

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