Nokia 3310: King of ‘TorchLight’ Phones is Back

Nokia 3310: King of ‘TorchLight’ Phones is Back

Some will say the king of torchlight phones will rise again – The Nokia 3310 is an iconic handset, and 17 years after it first launched Nokia has brought the handset back to the life in the shape of the new Nokia 3310.

Did you know the New 3310 has a Camera! We are sure you didn’t.

Without boring you with too much spec of the new 3310, we are going to jump right into telling you how the old is different from the new. Then you decide which is better and if you should buy.

1. New 3310 vs Original 3310: Price

The new 3310 price is low… really low. It will go on sale globally sometime between April and June for $40 or N12,590.00(that’s official, not black market).

In comparison, the original 3310 launched at $160 or N18,000(2001 naira). Don’t get too excited though that the price difference is not much – N18k is around N50K in today’s naira-to-dollar(N106/$ in 2001). Although 17 years later it can be picked up secondhand at Ikeja computer village for a lot less.

Winner: New 3310
With a supremely low launch price, the new Nokia 3310 is highly affordable, making it a great option as a back-up or torchlight phone, festival or holiday phone. While you can pick up the old Nokia 3310 for next to nothing, you can’t guarantee the condition it’ll arrive in, and it doesn’t support many modern SIM cards.

2. New 3310 vs Original 3310: Battery

The original Nokia 3310 is fondly remembered for its days of battery life. The handset featured a 900mAh power pack which could give up to 2.5 hours of talk time and up to 11 days of standby, making it a bit of a road warrior.

Things get even better with the new Nokia 3310 though, with a larger 1,200mAh battery giving you 22 hours of talk time and up to a whopping 31 days of standby.

Winner: New Nokia 3310
The battery life on the original Nokia 3310 was great, but the quoted stats for the new Nokia 3310 are simply fantastic. We’re yet to put the new 3310 to the test to see if it can live up to the claims, but the early signs are positive.


3. New 3310 vs Original 3310: Display

What makes a good screen? Is it the size, the resolution, the colours, the viewability in bright light? It’s somewhat of a mixed bag on both the old and the new Nokia 3310.

The original 3310 packs a monochrome display with an 84 x 48 resolution that’s laughably low-res in today’s world.

That said, it consumed very little power, and was still perfectly readable even in direct sunlight.

Things have been stepped up a notch on the new Nokia 3310, with a 2.4-inch full colour display adorning the front of the phone.

A 240 x 320 resolution gives a more detailed look at the interface, but it’s still nowhere near as good as the displays you get on even entry-level Android smartphones.

It’s still power-efficient however, and while Nokia claims a polarising layer will help with viewability in bright light we’re not convinced it’ll be as good as the original 3310.

Winner: New Nokia 3310
A higher resolution, bigger screen and larger display all play their part in giving the new 3310 the win here. The extra detail makes texts and images easier on the eye, although we do miss the green glow of the original 3310’s display.

4. New 3310 vs Original 3310: Design

The design of the original 3310 is iconic. Back in 2000 its 113 x 48 x 22mm dimensions were viewed as impressively compact, coming off the back of the taller 3210, and more importantly, it could take one hell of a beating.

Dubbed by many as ‘indestructible’, the 3310 put solid build quality front and centre, with a noticeable thickness and removable fascias, which meant that if you did manage to crack the casing it was cheap and easy to replace.

The 133g weight provided a reassurance presence in the hand, without being overbearing, and you could easily use the phone one-handed.

Nokia has put the new 3310 on a diet – it tips the scales at 76.9g and measures 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm, making it a lot more compact and lightweight than its predecessor.

While this makes it supremely easily to handle, and almost undetectable in a pocket, it doesn’t feel as solid. You also can’t remove the front cover, only the rear, so swapping out the current fascia for a new one is out of the question.

Winner: Original Nokia 3310
They built them better back in the day. The Nokia 3310 wins this round with its solid, hardy build. It may be thicker and heavier, but it’s still easy to use one-handed and will comfortably nestle in the pocket. Plus, the ability to switch the fascias for funkier options is always fun.

5. New Nokia 3310 vs Original Nokia 3310: Interface

Pick up an original Nokia 3310, hit the menu button and use the arrows keys on the right and you’ll scroll through a familiar list of options.

It’s simple yet effective, giving you access to call logs, contacts, messages, games, calculator, settings and… not a lot else.

The menu on the new 3310 isn’t exactly feature-packed, but it has a number of additional options over its predecessor.

There’s a calendar, basic web browser, a simple app store and a camera application to name a few. It runs the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, which is navigated via the directional key below the screen. It’s all very intuitive.

Winner: New Nokia 3310
In this case, more is more. The additional features on the 3310, along with the updated UI, make for a strong yet straightforward experience.


6. New Nokia 3310 vs Original Nokia 3310: Camera

This is a quick section. The old Nokia 3310 doesn’t have a camera. Why? Because it was around before cameras were being put into phones.

The new Nokia 3310 does have a camera – but don’t get too excited. The rear-mounted 2MP snapper features a digital zoom and singles LED flash – but that’s your lot. For the odd snap, it’s fine, but it’s not going to be your main camera.

Winner: New Nokia 3310
Well, it’s obvious: only the new 3310 has a camera, so there’s only one winner here… unless you hate cameras, in which case the original 3310 is your champion.

7. New Nokia 3310 vs Original Nokia 3310: Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity the old Nokia 3310 is very limited. There’s no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, microSD slot, USB port or NFC. All you get is basic cellular connectivity. It was a simpler time back in 2000.

While the new Nokia 3310 adds a few extras – namely Bluetooth, a microSD slot and a microUSB port – it still misses options such as Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC.

You get a slightly better cellular connection – 2.5G to be exact – but that’s only enough to give you a very basic web experience.

Winner: New Nokia 3310
Just… there’s not a lot in this one, with neither handset packing Wi-Fi, GPS or NFC. But the new 3310 edges it with 2.5G connectivity and the inclusion of Bluetooth.

8. New Nokia 3310 vs Original Nokia 3310: Snake

The old Nokia 3310 is sometimes mistaken for a handset which came with the original version of Snake, but in fact, it ran Snake II. The second generation of the popular mobile game added a few new levels, ahead to your snake and bugs for bonus points.

It’s simple, yet utterly addictive – and even today you can spend longer than you’d probably like to admit trying to get a new high score.

The new Nokia 3310 has a modern-day take on the game called Snake Xenzia. It has full-colour graphics, a wider selection of levels, a more lifelike snake and a simpler way to control it – just use the 4 and 6 number keys. It’s still fun to play but lacks the simple charm of Snake II.

Winner: Original Nokia 3310
You can’t beat a bit of classic Snake II action. It’s as simple as at.

9. New Nokia 3310 vs Original Nokia 3310: Ringtone

Da da der der, da da der der, da da der der der. It’s a ringtone which is synonymous with Nokia, and both handsets have the ‘Nokia tone’ as a ringtone in their settings menu.

The original Nokia 3310 has the classic monophonic jingle, which always raises a smile when it’s played.

The new Nokia 3310 has a more polyphonic variant of the tune which makes it a little fancier. It’s a matter of taste as to which you’ll prefer, but purists will always opt for the monophonic version.

Winner: Original Nokia 3310
As with any classic song, remixes are all well and good, but the original is always the best.

10. Final winner

If you tot up the totals, the new Nokia 3310 wins this shoot-out with a score of 6 category wins to 3 – but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The new Nokia 3310 doesn’t offer the nostalgia, the twang of sentiment you get when you think back and remember the original 3310. For some, it can never be bettered, and the reboot won’t hit the same heights.

We’d have liked to have seen the design follow the original a little more closely, but the addition of the new features, improved battery life and colour display means the new Nokia 3310 is a worthy winner.

Some Stores have started taking pre-order for the new Nokia 3310, God forbid we run out of the new 3310 all over Nigeria.

You can just click to place your order.

Please note we got some help from our friends at techradar, because that phone is nowhere near the African continent yet!!!

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