Science and Tech Expo: Participants Laud FG, calls for interface between industry,researchers

Science and Tech Expo: Participants Laud FG, calls for interface between industry,researchers

Some participants at Science and Techno Expo have lauded the initiative of the Federal Government for bringing together scientists, innovators, researchers and called for better interface between researchers and the industries.

The participants spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the closing of the of the five-day event on Friday in Abuja.

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According to the respondents, both the federal and state governments have made it easy for interaction between those who create things and those who can convert things created into commercially viable products to bring about economic prosperity.

Mr Banji Adaramola, a researcher in the Basic Science Department of Babcock University, said that the expo was very good and well thought out, especially in terms of the number of innovators present.

He said that more encouragement should be given to interfacing or cooperation between researchers and the industry.

“When this is done, the industries will know what the researchers are doing and they can come together and put some of these goods to commercial uses.

“So that researches are not just left sitting on the shelves; we can also transpose them into what people around us can relate to and benefit from.

“Now, we have come with some flours made from local grains, millet, corn, rice and the rest of them, the flours are made from these local grain, we have made it in such a way that they can be made into solid foods, they can also be used to make confectioneries.

“The intention is to improve or increase the nutritional value of the grains that Nigerians can have access to.

“By so doing, we have increased the protein content of the food such that instead of depending on the wheat for confectioneries, our local grains can also be put into use,’’ Adaramola said.

He said that by coming to the expo, they were exposed to the industries that would need the researches for their products.

“This will encourage farmers by diversifying the use of these grains and the farmers will also do some more growing of these grains and through job creation and the country’s GDP will improvement,’’ he said.

Mr Richard Nnamani, a private sector observer at the venue, said that the expo was a good attempt to expose the ingenuity of Nigerians.

He said that government should continue with the effort every six months and it should be moved round all the states across the country.

“There should be something like this happening not only in Abuja but across the country, maybe next time they should take it to Lagos, Enugu, Kaduna or Kano so that people in these places too will get to know what is going on as far as innovation is concerned.

“There are many things we are bothered about, especially in the raw material sector that could be sourced locally.

“I have seen a number of things I didn’t know are locally available and they told me h0ere they are available in commercial quantities.

“If not for the expo, I would not have known that these things are here, as a private investor this is a welcome development and I believe there will be more interface between us in the industry and the researchers.

“As we can now know where and to whom we can go for the raw materials that we require for our industries, so it is very commendable on the part of government,’’ he said.

Nnamani however advised entrepreneurs and exhibitors that they should strive to improve on the quality of their products and in their marketing strategy.

The five-day event is organised by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology is in pursuant of its mandate of deploying science, technology and innovation to provide employment, alleviate poverty and contribute to economic diversification.

Professionals from universities, polytechnics, research institutes and industrial research laboratories are participants at the expo.

Others include inventors, innovators, science, technology and innovation entrepreneurs in the formal and informal sectors, as well as selected Nigerian innovators from the Diaspora.

The theme of the expo is “Science, Technology and Innovation for Nigeria’s Economic Diversification”. (NAN)

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