Competition For Automotive Design Nationwide

Competition For Automotive Design Nationwide

Jelani Aliyu, Abuja: The National Automotive Design and Development Council, NADDC, will soon be organizing a nationwide Automotive Design Competition to engage and promote the incredible creative and innovative talents of our youth.

Not to design sports and luxury cars, but to conceptualize highly advanced, innovative and cost-effective strategically positioned market driven concepts that would be produced in Nigeria.

NADDC will support the development of winning concepts and integrate local content, feeding directly into the Nigerian automotive ecosystem, especially our proposed Automotive Industrial Clusters for Nnewi, Kaduna and Oshogbo.

Automotive Design goes beyond beautiful shapes, it is about the strategic conceptualization and development of applicable transportation solutions that will enable survival and economic growth.

NADDC is working with industry professionals and stakeholders, and will soon be launching the Automotive Design Competition.

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