N-Power Physical Verification Starts Today

N-Power Physical Verification Starts Today

The Physical Verification stage is the process of physically verifying the Age, Gender, Residential Address and LGA, Academic Qualification, and NYSC completion of applicants.

Physical Verification will actively commence today, Monday, December 11th.

Please note the following
1. Your Physical Verification Center is your Residential Local Government Area Secretariat.
2. 2016 applicants on the waiting list are expected to partake in this physical verification exercise
3. Follow instructions at your centres, if the instructions at your centres conflict with anything we have posted here, the information posted here supercedes
4. Be orderly. Be courteous


Before you step out of the house. Ensure you have the following
a. All documents required for Physical Verification. Please see Image 1 below

At the Residential Local Government Area,
1. Do not pay money for anything to anyone. The N-Power Physical Verification exercise is free.
2. Do NOT give anyone your BVN slip even if they request for it. Please tell them N-Power says NO.
3. Report anyone asking for money.
4. Report any applicant giving money
5. If you are certain you were pre-selected and don’t see your name at a particular LGA of residence, check other LGA’s you might have written down.
6. Disregard anyone who approaches you that they can help you make it to the final selection, they are lying and will scam you.

After you have concluded the Physical Verification Exercise, stay tuned to our N-Power social media channels for next steps.

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