Good Morning Nigeria Revisiting Government’s Anti-Corruption Fight in Nigeria


Experts have suggested that for the anti-corruption war of the Buhari administration to be won, emphasis should be placed on citizen’s ownership of the fight and enforcement of relevant laws.

These and other issues formed part of discussions on NTA’s good morning Nigeria, as the programme focused on the anti-corruption war in Nigeria.

Looking at the solutions from both systemic and institutional perspectives, guests on NTA’s good morning Nigeria commended the political will of the Buhari’s administration to fight corruption.

With the strong point of recovering looted funds, there have been arguments for and against plea bargain in the prosecution of corrupt individuals.

They also took on the issue of allegations of selectivity in the in the war against corruption and stressed the responsibility of citizens and state governments for the fight to be effective.

The need to put in place systems that discourage corruption going forward even while looking to correct the wrongs of the past they say is key to the anti-corruption fight.


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