Directorate of Marketing History

In 1998, the Federal Government promulgated decree no. 25 which enunciated the privatization and commercialization effort of the Government. This policy was aimed at assessing the net-worth of all Government agencies, ascertaining their viability or otherwise and making a decision on their outright sale to the public, making them self sustaining by strict commercialization on partial subventing them up to a time when they will be perceived to have attained self sustaining capacity. The partial commercialization effort in the NTA was pursued with vigor since 1990 and in July, 1992, a performance agreement was formally signed between the Federal Government, the Technical Committee on Privatization and Commercialization (TCPC) and NTA. Under the agreement, Government will fund the rehabilitation and replacement of NTA’s obsolete equipment. However, the Government is yet to perform.

With the partial commercialization of NTA, Government has reduced substantially the subvention given to the Authority. NTa is expected to be financed partly by Government subvention and the source of revenue is advertisements. This means, that the directorate of Marketing is the heart of NTA’s operations. This Directorate is responsible for generating revenue for NTA both at National and State levels. The Directorate has to be professional in its approach and the staff must have the right orientation and attitude to render quality service that will ensure  business success for NTA.

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