Functions of Marketing Directorate

The functions of the Directorate of Marketing which revolve around marketing concepts in TV broadcasting focus on: 

1. The satisfaction of Viewers, advertising agencies and advertisers.

2. Profitable sales volume

3.Unification and integration of departmental contributions to the attainment of client servicing and customer relationship in achieving NTA’s corporate vision, mission goals and objectives.


These Marketing functions consist of the following: 

a. To make the department virile through the formulation of sound marketing policies, strategies, goals and objectives that would help not only to identify, asses and capture new marketing opportunities but also retain confidence of present corps of clients and customers as an effective medium of advertising, for the drive towards increased revenue generation for the authority.

b. The Directorate directs, coordinates and assesses performances of all marketing activities of marketing managers in all NTA Stations in order to maintain a broadcasting media standard which influences client’s decisions to choose NTA airtime over those of competitors Nationwide. (Distribution Management)

c. The Directorate of Marketing is ever prepared to give signals in the form of good program ideas to the Programmes and News Directorates to jointly move NTA forward.

d. Promote increased synergy with other departments for content development and to reduce areas of friction. (Product development)

e.Take initiative toward solving problems and recommending creative advertising solutions to the clients media plan.

f. Competition, Market anaylsis and Media industrial environment management.

g. Determination of competitive pricing process, policies, strategies and objectives.

h. Create effective promotions.

i. Responsible for scheduling commercials effectively and reporting back to the clients about the success of their campaigns.

j. Marketing Information Services (MIS)

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