Key Attributes of Marketing Staff

The attributes that staff of the Directorate of Marketing must posses are:

Assertiveness, Dynamism, Integrity, Intelligence, Proven leadership qualities, Effective Communication skills (written, spoken and presentation), Self drive/initiative, Market contact, Presentable personality, Self confidence, Good educational background.


Marketing practice professionally requires professional qualification. It becomes mandatory for every marketing staff to be professionally qualified. The following professional bodies are recognized by the Directorate: National Institute of Marketing Nigeria (NIMN), Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) London, American Marketing Association (AMA).



Every profession has its unique way of practicing it. a procedure when tested overtime becomes a norm which can be regarded as a manual to serve the following purposes.

– An Induction of new staff into the basic profession and operational procedures within an establishment.

– A handbook of reference in case one is in doubt as to what to to in any given situation.

– To protect the operatives from acting ultra vireos

– To engender uniformity/common level play ground in operation within an establishment.


We also need to know NTA clients that we strive to satisfy and retain to include the following:

1. Individuals

2. Corporate bodies

3. Agencies

4. Governments



This department is basically established to market the services of NTA for revenue earning/barter. Four units are exemplified in a Marketing Department:

– Management Unit

– Sales Unit

– Advert Traffic Unit

– MIS Unit





– Daily review of commercial transmission

– Co-ordination of the activities of the various units

– Writing a monthly report of the department

– Creates and presents revenue generation proposals to the higher management i.e. ZGM/General Managers through monitoring other media

– Daily monitoring of the commercial transmission

– Organize routine training for staff

– Scrutinize and sign commercial line-up

– Targeting the staff

– Classification of services and customers for effective and routine follow-up

– Work in tandem with other dependent departments

– Appraises the staff

– Writing of sales briefs



– Makes contact with the prospects and presents the sales brief

– Write sales report weekly

– Keeps records of all sales made

– Develops interpersonal relationship with clients in order to know their needs and reports same to the Management

– Makes payment to the cash office after the completion of the appropriate form within and not beyond 24 hours

– Routinely follows up the existing customers and service them



– Prepare and send copy instructions to all concerned

– Prepares the master schedule for all campaign through sales unit or through Advertising Agencies

– From the master schedule, daily commercial line-up is extracted

– The Materials for the daily transmission are extracted from the archives, previewed and itemized against each commercial. They are taken tot he Transmission Director daily who inspects the Materials one by one against each commercial and will sign the receipt

– Monitoring of adverts and bringing any discrepancy to the knowledge of the Head of Department

– Reporting and requesting for replacement any damaged materials

– Reminding the agencies of the expiration of a campaign and requesting for more bookings

– Preparation of Certificate of performance in case of Agencies’ business which are mostly on credit

– Sending of the same together with invoice through the NCCU to the Agencies

– Opening a file for each Agency and for local sales respectively

– Ensure that adverts are scheduled and transmitted as requested by the clients and where this may not be possible, inform the client and advise him/her of the alternative that is available



– Setting of the Directorate Annual Sales target

– Establishment Survey – analyzing of national advertisement appropriation, analyzing NTA share of total advertising market and the media industry

– Intelligence gathering – espionage, competitors monitoring and analysis

– Market development analysis

– Preparation of the directorate National Performance Analysis



– Formulating sound marketing policies, strategies, goals and objectives that would help stations agencies sales revenue generation

– Organizing executive sales with visit of Executive Director Marketing to Advertising Agencies and Advertisers in Lagos

– Management and analyzing of NTA stations in relation to agency sales

– Schedule visit to Zonal directors, General Managers and Marketing Managers; advertising agencies and advertisers whenever it is require

– Generating feedback information on Advertisers and Advertising Agencies perception

– Organizing quarterly advertising agences/advertisers forum in Lagos

– Endorsement of Agencies Media purchase Order for transmission

– Generation of agency sales revenue

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