Africa and the black race owes a lot of it’s historical, traditional, cultural, technological, spiritual, medical and lineal references today to the “oral tradition” of it’s past in tales passed down from generations. This age old tradition is dying out as the generations of middle aged parents are being lost to urbanization. A majority of our people have not only abandoned their roots and culture, but look up to the west as a guide in whatever they do. This is due in part to the impact of television and it’s attendant technology on society.

Heritage was created to highlight, educated and re-awaken in us the pride and sense of belonging that we ought to have in ourselves in regards to our way of life, our heritage, our roots and Africa’s past civilization on which the so-called modern world is built. Heritage stands to fill the information gap between our country/continent and the outside world. We will be telling our own story, in our own words. In the process, we will educate and instill a sense of appreciation in our global viewers.

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