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South Africa’s ANC puts jobs, growth at heart of 2019 election campaign

inno.korie- January 12, 2019

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, vowed to create more jobs, boost economic growth and address racial inequalities at a rally on Saturday to launch the ... Read More

President Buhari Congratulates President Ramaphosa of South Africa

inno.korie- February 16, 2018

President Muhammadu Buhari congratulates Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa on his election today as the President of the Republic of South Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa, South African President ... Read More

After Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa is Next South Africa’s President – See Bio

Arowobusoye Samuel- February 15, 2018

On Wednesday 14th February 2018, Mr Zuma bowed to the inevitable and resigned "with immediate effect". Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is a South African politician. He ... Read More

South African parliament to elect Jacob Zuma’s successor today -ANC chief whip

inno.korie- February 15, 2018

South Africa’s parliament will elect Cyril Ramaphosa as new president at 2pm local time (1200 GMT) on Thursday and have him take the oath of ... Read More

MUST READ: Jacob Zuma’s Resignation Letter(Complete)

Joy Nwugo- February 15, 2018

Statement of the President of the Republic of South Africa, JG Zuma on the decision of the African National Congress to recall him 14 February ... Read More

Jacob Zuma and Corruption: Complete Story of the Former South African President

Arowobusoye Samuel- February 15, 2018

On Wednesday 14th February 1018, Mr Zuma bowed to the inevitable and resigned "with immediate effect". "I resign as president of the republic with immediate ... Read More

South African President, Jacob Zuma resigns amidst corruption scandal

inno.korie- February 15, 2018

Jacob Zuma has quit as President of South Africa, finally succumbing to a slew of corruption scandals that have drained support from his ruling African ... Read More

Zuma’s Political Future Will Not Affect BRICS Summit – Experts

Arowobusoye Samuel- February 14, 2018

The potential departure of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa is unlikely to impact the 10th BRICS Summit scheduled for July, said experts. South Africa ... Read More

South African Police Arrest Zuma Associates Amid Influence-Peddling Probe

Arowobusoye Samuel- February 14, 2018

Johannesburg: Elite South African police arrested two people in an early morning raid on the luxury Johannesburg home of the Gupta brothers, wealthy friends of ... Read More

ANC In Serious Move to Fire Zuma As Exit Negotiations Deepens, Sources Say

Henry Solomon- February 8, 2018

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) had been preparing to fire Jacob Zuma as head of state this week, according to leaked comments from ... Read More

Jacob Zuma’s ANC Loses Key City to Opposition

Arowobusoye Samuel- August 6, 2016

South Africa President Jacob Zuma(PHOTO: Afrika-UPDATES) "The fall in support has been dramatic, in levels never seen before," political analyst told reporters. Defeat in Port ... Read More

Zuma Faces Huge Obstacle In Corruption charges

Henry Solomon- April 29, 2016

The North Gauteng High Court on Friday, ruled that the decision taken by the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA), to drop corruption charges against President Jacob ... Read More

South Africa’s Rand Weakens Amidst Zuma’s Political Showdown

Henry Solomon- March 18, 2016

South Africa's rand weakened against the dollar on Friday as investors turned focus to a political scandal that has jolted President Jacob Zuma's government and ... Read More

Treasurer-General of ANC and China Ambassador Visit PDP Secretariat

Arowobusoye Samuel- July 14, 2014

  By Mie Ogidi The ruling political party in South Africa, the African National Congress ANC has described the People's Democratic Party, PDP as a ... Read More