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Bursted: Troops Raid Evolving Boko Haram Cell In Mokwa

Henry Solomon- May 26, 2017

Following confirmed information, troops of 31 Artillery Brigade Nigerian Army, on Thursday 25th May 2017, raided an evolving Boko Haram terrorists cell at Mokwa and ... Read More

President Accents Anti-Torture Law Eliminating Torture In Police Cell

AMT Tanimu- April 13, 2017

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya on Thursday signed an anti-torture law seen by human rights activists as an important step towards eliminating torture in police ... Read More

Wife of Governor Dr Zainab Bagudu and F.I.D.A. Collaborate to Free 30 Prisoners in Kebbi State

Suleiman Idris- April 1, 2017

Her Excellency Dr Zainab Atiku Bagudu working with the Kebbi state Federation of Female lawyers FIDA has paid outstanding fines to free up to 30 ... Read More

Police Uncover Plans By Terrorist Cell To Blow Up Bridge

AMT Tanimu- March 31, 2017

Italian police on Thursday said a jihadist terrorist cell planned to blow up the 16th-century Rialto Bridge spanning Venice’s Grand Canal. “A Venice attack means ... Read More