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Nigerians Spent N3bn in Cinemas For First Half of 2019

Henry Solomon- July 15, 2019

Nigerians spent nearly 3, 124, 026, 959 billion Naira to watch box office movies at Nigerian cinemas between January and June. News Agency of Nigeria ... Read More

Nollywood Movie “Seven and a Half Dates” Set for Cinemas

Henry Solomon- June 27, 2018

A star-studded romantic film, “Seven and a Half Dates” is set to hit cinemas across Nigeria on August 3, its producers have said. The movie, ... Read More

China Develops World’s Largest Film Screen

Henry Solomon- March 29, 2016

A Company in east China's Anhui Province, Star Screen Co., Ltd. has developed an extra-large film screen, measuring 100 by 25 meters. The manufacturer spent two ... Read More

300 Spartan King, Set to Hit The Screens With Two Epic Movies

Henry Solomon- December 14, 2015

Gerard Butler on the set of "God of Egypt" (Photo: Internet) Scottish actor, Gerard James Butler stars in two upcoming epic movies, London has Fallen ... Read More