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Minister of Sports Goes Hard on Human Traffickers

AMT Tanimu- December 9, 2017

Like a roaring Lion, his body gesticulation depicting excruciating pain, the Hon minister faced the cameras in NEXT2none/ NAPTIP documentary shoot against human trafficking on ... Read More

Speaker Dogara Speaks on Confronting The Scourge of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

AMT Tanimu- December 1, 2017

My dear Honourable colleagues, I wish to make few remarks on the subject matter of my trip to Italy where I participated in a Conference ... Read More

Pope On Family Values: Vatican Calls For Compassionate Church’s Understanding Towards Imperfection

Henry Solomon- April 8, 2016

Pope Francis has called for a Church that is less strict and more compassionate toward `imperfect’ Catholics. He said on Friday in Vatican City that ... Read More

Global Movement Of Mosquitoes Poses Threat Beyond Zika – Mosquito Experts

Henry Solomon- March 14, 2016

Experts have warned that the Zika virus was just one of a growing number of continent-jumping diseases carried by mosquitoes threatening swathes of humanity. Anna-Bella ... Read More

British Scientists Get Approval To Edit Gene In Human Embryos

Henry Solomon- February 1, 2016

Human embryo (Photo: Internet) Scientists in Britain have been given approval to modify human embryos for research purposes, and allow scientists to understand the development ... Read More