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Abuja Light Rail Project Employs 10,000

AMT Tanimu- August 2, 2018

Segun Adeyemi, Abuja: About 10,000 Nigerians were employed during the construction of the Abuja Light Rail Project, which was recently commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari, ... Read More

Abuja Light Rail Project Under Threat

AMT Tanimu- September 5, 2016

NAN, Abuja: The Abuja light rail project is at jeopardy as unknown persons have started stealing the communication cable laid on the rail line. The ... Read More

The First Light Rail In Nigeria Ready For Inauguration

AMT Tanimu- August 25, 2016

Built by Ponet TFZE, the train with a cruising speed of about 40 kilometres per hour, has 12 cars, including 10 passenger and two equipment ... Read More