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Kano govt. urges mothers to access malaria chemoprevention

Suleiman Idris- July 19, 2020

The Kano State government, on Friday, advised mothers in the state to access the free malaria chemoprevention offered as part of the Maternal and Child ... Read More

NMBA Stresses Need for Bio-safety Measures on Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Henry Solomon- June 27, 2020

The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), says biosafety measures should be applied in ensuring that genetically modified mosquitoes, aimed at reducing the spread of malaria, ... Read More

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation funds scientists to develop malaria vaccine

Abdul Jimoh- February 4, 2020

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation, an NGO, says it is funding a group of scientists, researchers and advisers to develop an anti-malaria vaccine towards eradicating malaria ... Read More

Why malaria still infects millions of people every year

Abdul Jimoh- December 4, 2019

The World Health Organisation has said on Wednesday that malaria still infects millions of people every year and kills more than 400,000 – mostly children ... Read More

How Over 13m Nigerians Battle With Malaria Annually

Suleiman Idris- June 23, 2019

Malam Umar Aminu-Imam, President, Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria (EHOAN), has said that 13,687,500 Nigerians battled with malaria annually. This statistics accounted for 25 ... Read More

Centre Wants NAFDAC To Monitor Markets For Fake Malaria Test Kit

Abdul Jimoh- February 18, 2019

A research centre, African Networks for Drugs and Diagnostic Innovation (ANDI), has urged NAFDAC to ensure that fake Rapid Diagnostics Test (RDTs) kits for malaria  ... Read More

#WorldMalariaDay More Investment in Research Key to Reduction – Society

Henry Solomon- April 25, 2018

Dr. John Puddicombe, President, Malaria Society of Nigeria (MSN), has called for more investment into malaria research to reduce the infection rate in the country. ... Read More

NGO offers free medical care in 244 Nigerian prisons

admin- April 25, 2018

Nigerian prisons to get free healthcare from NGO An NGO, iRestore Life Foundation, has embarked on free medical screening for inmates in the 244 prison ... Read More

Nigeria Commits $300m to Eliminate Malaria

Arowobusoye Samuel- April 22, 2018

The Federal Government has committed to secure US$300 million from the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, and African Development Bank to eliminate malaria in the ... Read More

Health; Toothpaste Ingredient Could Fight Malaria, Research Shows

Abdul Jimoh- January 18, 2018

Research carried out in part by an Artificially-Intelligent (AI)‘robot scientist’ has found that a common ingredient of toothpaste could be developed to fight drug-resistant strains ... Read More

WHO Says Complacency Stalls Global Fight Against Malaria

Henry Solomon- November 29, 2017

Progress in the global fight against malaria has stalled amid signs of flat-lining funding and complacency that the mosquito-borne disease is less of a threat, ... Read More

Artésunate and 41 Other Anti-Malaria Drugs Banned In Europe Still Selling In Nigerian Stores

AMT Tanimu- July 20, 2017

Former Governor of Abia State and now Senator, Theodore Orji raised a motion on the floor of the senate yesterday on banned Anti-Malaria drugs still ... Read More

Experts say Gambia to become first in sub-Saharan to eliminate malaria

Abdul Jimoh- July 12, 2017

Experts say Gambia to become first in sub-Saharan to eliminate malaria Experts say Gambia could become the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate malaria ... Read More

Prevalence Of Malaria Higher In Children During Rainy Season, Says Expert

Abdul Jimoh- May 10, 2017

Prevalence Of Malaria Higher In Children During Rainy Season Prof. Catherine Falade, a Malariologist at the University College Hospital (UCH), says the prevalence of malaria is ... Read More

Remove Import Duty On Malaria Drugs, Experts Urge FG

Abdul Jimoh- April 28, 2017

Experts Urges FG To Remove Import Duty On Malaria Drugs Some experts have urged the Federal Government to remove the import duty  placed on the ... Read More

African Targets to End AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030

Arowobusoye Samuel- November 20, 2016

Johannesburg, November 2016- Strengthening and strategic refocusing of Africa’s partnerships to respond effectively to continental priorities for sustainable development is a critical priority for the ... Read More

3.6m Doses of Anti-Malaria Drugs To Be Administered In Sokoto

AMT Tanimu- October 24, 2016

Mosquito and Malaria Outbreak In Sokoto ...Sokoto to administer 3.6m doses of anti-malaria drugs Imam Imam, Sokoto: Following reported outbreak of malaria in some parts ... Read More

Kano Distributes Anti-Malaria Drugs To 44 Local Councils

Suleiman Idris- October 11, 2016

Anti malaria drugs worth millions of naira have arrived some of the facilities in Kano State north western Nigeria, as part of efforts to combat ... Read More

Billions Pledged to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria in Nigeria, Sub Sahara Africa

Arowobusoye Samuel- September 17, 2016

Global Funds Donor Conference Based on the report from Deutsche Welle, International donors have begun a drive aimed at raising billions to fight the AIDS, ... Read More

Why Is Malaria Still Killing Millions In Africa?

admin- August 24, 2016

Malaria is caused by a parasite called plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. In the human body, the parasites multiply in the ... Read More