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Oil prices gain amid tension between Iran, U.S

admin- June 24, 2019

Oil prices rose on Monday to extend gains from last week, bolstered as tensions remain high between Iran and the United States after U.S. Secretary ... Read More

Trump says market will crash if impeached

admin- August 23, 2018

Trump with Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News during the interview U.S. President Donald Trump has warned all those calling for his head about the consequences ... Read More

Scott Pruitt Trump cabinet member resigns

admin- July 6, 2018

Scott Pruitt: resigns after several scandals U.S. President Donald Trump has announced the resignation of Mr Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. ... Read More

Trump threatens China again

admin- June 19, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump: trade war crashes crude prices and stock markets President Donald Trump has threatened that the U.S. would impose tariffs on an ... Read More

China threatens US with retaliation

admin- June 19, 2018

China President Xi Jinping The latest threat by President Donald Trump to impose additional tariff on Chinese goods has prompted China’s immediate reaction to retaliate. ... Read More

U.S. will not be migrant camp- Trump

admin- June 19, 2018

Donald Trump has said he will not allow the United States to become a “migrant camp”, as his administration faces a barrage of criticism for ... Read More

‘Denuclearise or risk overthrow’, Trump tells N/Korea’s Kim

Arowobusoye Samuel- May 18, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump has told North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un to abandon nuclear weapons and be rewarded with “protections” or risk being overthrown and possible ... Read More

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo : North Korea, expected to return with detained Americans

Arowobusoye Samuel- May 9, 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to return from North Korea with three American detainees, as well as details of an upcoming summit between ... Read More

The benefits of Buhari’s meeting with Trump

admin- May 2, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump with President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria By Prudence Arobani President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent meeting with President Donald Trump of the United ... Read More

Trump’s proposed visit to Nigeria may take one year to plan – Onyeama

inno.korie- May 1, 2018

The suggestion by the U.S. President Donald Trump to visit Nigeria may not happen any moment soon as it will take up to a year ... Read More

Moon, Kim begin historic Korean summit

admin- April 27, 2018

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in, a historic handshake before the Korean summit The leaders of the two Koreas made their way to the heavily ... Read More

China slams tariffs on US pork, 127 others

admin- April 2, 2018

China slams 25% tariff on US pork, 127 other products China has responded to US imposition of tariffs on imports of Aluminium and steel by ... Read More

Murder rate: London overtakes U.S.

admin- April 2, 2018

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth ll and U.S. President Donald Trump It has been revealed that London has become notorious as far as murder cases are concerned ... Read More

Trade war unsettles stocks in US, China

admin- March 23, 2018

The trade war ignited by U.S President Donald Trump against China has caused a dip in the stock markets of both countries.. The Dow Jones ... Read More

Former UN Chief Urges Relevant Parties To Prevent Accidental Conflict On Korean Peninsula

Abdul Jimoh- September 26, 2017

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged the relevant parties to prevent any accidental conflict on the Korean Peninsula as situations get more dangerous ... Read More

Saudi King Cancels Participation In G20 Summit Due To Gulf Crisis

Abdul Jimoh- July 3, 2017

Saudi King cancels participation in G20 summit due to Gulf crisis Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Al-Saud will not attend the G20 summit due to the ... Read More