Brussels Airport Set To Reopen This Week, Aims At Limited Flight

brussels airport

Brussels airport has on Tuesday commenced a make-shift check-in area after the last week attack. This was aimed at allowing a limited restart of passenger flights in the coming days.

This was made known by a Spokeswoman of the Brussels Airport.

A temporary structure had been put up to bypass the departure area that was heavily damaged when two bombs exploded there and killed atleast 35 people last Tuesday.

“What we have today is a test to see whether all our procedures are in order” she said.

The spokeswoman added that if all requirements were met, the airport could reopen on Wednesday at the earliest, but only at a maximum capacity of 20 per cent.

She explained that the tests included checking security and fire procedures, as well as operational items such as the handling of baggage and the signs in the terminal.

The Coordinator for Brussels Airport said initially only a few flights for Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines, partly owned by Germany’s Lufthansa, would be allowed to depart.

A spokesman for BCS, added that, once capacity was increased, other airlines would be invited to forward their flight plans. which allocates the landing and departure slots available.


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