Terror Threat Still High In EU Countries — Police Report

Terror Threat Still High In EU Countries — Police Report

The threat from terrorism, especially from radical Islamists, is still high in countries of the European Union (EU), a report from the police agency, Europol said on Thursday.

The report said that although there had been less attacks in 2018 than last year, more attempts by jihadist groups have been disrupted than the year before, the report added.

Terrorist attacks killed 13 people in the EU in 2018 and all the perpetrators were jihadist, Europol said.

The increase in the arrest of right-wing extremists in the EU from 20 in 2017 to 44 last year “indicates that extremists of diverging orientation increasingly consider violence as a justified means of confrontation,” the report added.

EU member states reported 129 terrorist attacks in 2018, of which 24 failed or were foiled – a decrease from 205 attacks in 2017.

Separatists or ethno-nationalists alone carried out or attempted 83 attacks last year making them the biggest group of perpetrators, the report said.


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